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Saturday, May 12, 2012

ගීතාංජලී......නැණසරට වැයෙන සත්සරය

The faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya was established in 1962, with the intention of providing science graduates accomplished with skills and qualities needed for the rapidly developing world. For over fifty years, the faculty has produced outstanding scientists,
entrepreneurs, academics etc…The main obstacle the students encounter in their period of study is the problem of obtaining funds in order to complete their degree program. Though education is offered at the faculty free of charge and the Mahapola scholarship of Rs 2500 per month is granted for students with low monthly income, some of the students still find it difficult to pay for their accommodation, provisions, stationery etc. These circumstances are so severe that every year several students leave the faculty and involve in an occupation in order to look after their families. The “Nanasara” scholarship fund is established to assist those students with grave financial difficulties.
The “Nanasara” scholarship was initiated by the Science Students Union (SSU) in the year 1993. It was originally a scholarship given by the senior batch to several students of the junior batch. The amount of money was decided by the senior batch and was collected from the same. The scholarship was awarded continuously helping needy students.
In the year 2011, the SSU decided to raise funds for a fixed deposit, and award scholarships from the interest of the fund, thereby assuring the scholarship is awarded without interruption. The SSU has inaugurated the “Nanasara” scholarship fund, the account was opened at the Bank of Ceylon, Peradeniya, and the account number being 588-9223445. Initially an amount of Rs. 134,000 was collected by students by means of campaign and was deposited in the account. A constitution for the selection of scholars was formulated under the guidance of the academic staff. Currently the “Nanasara” scholarship fund amounts more than Rs. 200,000. We are able to grant scholarships to five needy students, Rs.500 each, per month for ten months of an academic year. By implementing this show successfully, we hope to strengthen this fund further.

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